JXS-06 Adjustable Function Gym

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Product Details

Product features

(1) Full-featured and diverse. This series is mainly for private churches, business hotels, etc., which differs from the needs of commercial fitness clubs. Therefore, it is mainly light commercial, and the equipment is multi-functional. It can realize limited types of equipment and comprehensive training effects.
(2) Small footprint, "corner" corner concept. Due to the limited space available to private churches, business hotels and other manufacturers, it is required to reduce the size of the equipment as much as possible to fully increase the space utilization rate.
(3) The structure has strong versatility, high interchangeability and low after-sales service cost. Because the customer's professionalism is not high in a similar light commercial environment, the interchangeability of the equipment is required to be high, and the user's after-sales service and disassembly are convenient. Improve the use of the general structure, and reduce the difficulty of after-sales, can make the after-sales service more convenient and convenient.
(4) The unified planning of the “series” appearance is simple and fashionable. Designer Wang Weidong of Qingdao Office, for the characteristics of the use of this series of products, the overall design of the entire series of uniform appearance, the appearance highlights the simple fashion in the light commercial environment, giving the user a sense of overall interior decoration.
(5) Stable and reliable structure. The new products are tested on the national standard and the European standard ENISO20957.1-2013 before leaving the factory. The stability, static load and fatigue tests are carried out separately to ensure that the structural design meets the safety requirements.
(6) Convenient installation, disassembly and post-maintenance. The simple structural design makes post assembly and disassembly more convenient. The new version of the instruction manual can directly guide end users without professional experience and simply assemble and disassemble the machine;
(7) Transportation is convenient and safe. According to the requirements of the national standard, the safety test of boxing, vibration and other parts of the sub-assembly machine is carried out to ensure reasonable packaging design and ensure safe and reliable transportation;
(8) Ergonomic functional parameter design. Over the years, Baodelong has been researching and accumulating in the field of commercial fitness equipment, combining ergonomics. The R&D team carefully considers the various functional parameters of the entire set of equipment to achieve a more effective training effect.





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