Commercial Treadmill Machine JB-8900

Super Large Running Surface Let your users run Free and easy

Product Details

Unique design of uprights out of end,  compared  with the traditional

treadmill, it is more integrated, concise,  luxury,  and in the design, the

uprights & handles adopt  simple streamlined  design,  through the whole

deck,  giving the user a full sense of security and enhancing the  running


Two options: one is  with  the uprights, the other one is handles  integrated

with  uprights

Optional  function: "B- - Cloud" custom club "cloud service" -sweep code

login, the user  s workout data can be saved by the cloud

Optional function: smart detection system - -  intelligent warning, when the

user is at the back end of the treadmill (the arm can't touch the

emergency stop switch position), the speed automatically slow down to

3km/h, which further improves the safety of the machine

Central Console Type: Six Windows Display

Features of Screen:

LED Screen

Electronic Readout Program, Distance, Time, Calories, Speed, Slope, Heart Rate

Language of Central Console : English

Entertainment:WiFi, Internet, TrainningCourse,

Apps, USB interface,3.5mm headphone jack, Speakers

Default Program

Built-in 8 fixed programs

Touch Key Board :Start, Stop, Model, Program, Speed, Incline 

Dimension 2235x955x1750mm

Max  User Weight 160KG

Running Belt:


Perimeters:3400mm Width:600mm

Running Area :1610x550mm

Speed Range :1-20km/h

Elevation  Range :0-20%

Rollers Diameter:75mm Length:695mm


Continuous Power: 3Hp

Max Power: 9Hp

Motor Ultra-quiet AC Motor

Inverter Domestic Brand/Mitsubishi (Imported)


treadmill price_副本_副本treadmill machine_副本

treadmill machine_副本

treadmill screen_副本

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