High Quality Commercial Treadmill JB-9700B

The manufacturer of the fitness treadmill line has an inviting design and easy-to-use console, which is why it is popular in thousands of facilities around the word.

Product Details

The effective running area is long 1520MM,  width  600MM 

The effective running area is long 1520MM,  width  600MM

After more than ten thousand simulation experiments  in

our testing  center and a combination of nearly 20 years

of treadmill manufacturing experience, following the

ergonomics principle and "ISO  20957- - 1 2013 " industry

standard analysis,  550- - 650mm  is the most scientific and

comfortable  running  width, too wide or too narrow will

cause damage to the  users , so we  make the effective

running width of  this machine to be 600MM

According to the principle and

practical angle of ergonomics, different

materials  are used for different parts:

the part of the  handle  is sturdy and

impact resistant environmental

protection material. The part  of  inside  &

the body  in contact is  soft and

comfortable with plastic material, which

is not easy to be deformed. It ensures

the unity of the durability and durability of

the equipment

In  process treatment: we fully integrate

humanization into the product design. We

adopt  the  fillet  process  for  the  position of

parts &  the  body in contact,  such as the

corner of the  handles,  to ensure the users  safety

Central Console Type:Six Windows Display

Features of Screen:LED Screen

Electronic Readout :Program, Distance, Time, Calories, Speed, Slope, Heart Rate

Language of Central Console :English

Default Program:Built-in 8 fixed programs

Touch Key Board ;Start, Stop, Model, Program, Speed, Incline

Dimension 2275x1000x1635mm

Max  User Weight 180KG

Running Belt Thickness:3.1mm/4.0mm

Perimeters: 3400mm Width: 600mm

Running Area 1520X600mm

Speed Range 1-20km/h

Elevation  Range 0-20%

Rollers Diameter:88mm Length:745mm

Power Continuous Power: 3Hp

Max Power: 9Hp

Motor Ultra-quiet AC Motor

Inverter Domestic Brand/Mitsubishi (Imported)