J-022 Fitness Free Weights Incline Hack Squat Machine (45°)

Bodystrong fitness company produces high qualtiy commercial gym used free weight incline hack squat machine .Our company is a best manufacturer of fitness equipment .We provide fitness machines at favorable price .

Product Details


· Quad track roller system operates smoothly and distributes weight evenly.

· Extra-heavy gauge Diamond Plate foot platforms for both Leg Press and Hack Squat positions.

· Back and Shoulder pads are adjustable . 

· Three lockout positions for user safety and convenience.













Gym Project


Benefits of Using Leg Press Machines

Leg press machines offer a large number of benefits in terms of muscle building and overall fitness capacity. Here are major benefits of leg press machines that you can enjoy by using them on regular basis.

Better Emphasis on Quadriceps

Leg press machines provide a perfect exercise to you quadriceps muscle group. Quadriceps is a group of four muscles in front of your thighs; these muscles enable you to lift your legs and kick. Leg press machines offer you a good space to push the disks. The weight comes down towards your legs and you fold them in V shape again and again before pushing the resistance upwards. This up and down movement of your legs against the heavy force helps muscles to be more strong and firm. This whole workout puts more emphasis on your quadriceps thus building their strength.

Changes in Foot Positions

A leg press machine lets you comfortably change position of your foot using its solid platform to target multiple aspects of your legs. The wide foot platform featured by a leg press machine also eliminates the risk of slipping of foot while pushing very heavy weights, since it offers a strong grip to your foot. This way you can better shape your complete lower body part.

Muscular Legs

A perfect home leg press machine helps you in building muscular legs while also enjoying the comfort of your own home. With a leg press machine you need not to use stabilizer muscles. The progressive overload on the leg press machine helps to increase the muscle mass faster. A leg press machine helps you to focus on your major group of leg muscles thus helps to add pure size to your legs.

Prevent Putting Pressure on the Back

Since a leg press machine is focused on pushing weights from your legs thus it doesn’t put any sort of pressure on your back. Even people with frequent back pains can also exercise leg press using a suitable leg press machine as it does not require much participation of your back

Alternative to Squatting

A leg press machine offers us a solid alternative to squatting. Since squatting cannot be exercised by everyone due to certain physical limitations like poor body structure, back problems, poor hip flexibility and more. So it opens up a different option for you to play with heavy weights. With a perfect leg press machine you need not to compromise with you workout needs due to certain physical limitations.


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