Inexpensive Squat RackJ -021

Bodystrong fitness company produces high quality commercial gym used free weight Squat rack .Our company is a best manufacturer of fitness equipment .We provide fitness machines at favorable price .

Product Details

Based on international advanced design concept, upgrade the structure, adapt to the needs of

various users.

Adopt international advanced production facilities-laser cutting machines, automatic welding

robots, CNC facilities etc, to achieve top standard tooling operations.

Combine chemical treatment process and electrostatic spraying process, ensure perfect appearance.

Main tube thickness: 3mm,combine oval tube thickness: 50*100mm

Durable,adapt to various occasions.

Support upper body and lower body exercise.

Weight plates holders and bars can be adjusted.

J-021 Squat Rack 深蹲架3 副本_副本_副本.jpg





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