High Quality Commercial Fitness MWH-014 Leg Press

Bodystrong Fitness is a prominent manufacturer that is engaged in development, production, and distribution of premium strength machine such as seated Leg Extension . Luxury Leg Extension machine for sale with discount.

Product Details

Indoor fitness equipment MWH-014 Leg Press

Series Description:

1. Innovative appearance and color, split structure design, BDL modeling, color customization;

2. stable and reliable structure, new machine before leave factory will do the test based on the national standard and European standard ENISO20957.1-2013 for each machine. Respectively do stability, static load, and fatigue testing to ensure that the structural design is in line with safety requirements ;

3. Easy installation, disassembly and post-maintenance simple structural design makes assembly and disassembly more convenient in the later period. The new version of the instruction manual can directly guide end users without professional experience and simply assemble and disassemble the machine.

Completely activate quadriceps

Proper density of cushion reduce the pressure on the tibia

Design of cushion reduce the pressure of popliteal region

Adjust the seat for auxiliary function make the machine perfect


Machine Weight:115kgs

Max Load:100kgs





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