Safety Fitness Equipment J-037 Multi Adjustable Bench

Bodystrong fitness offers a wide selection of weight lifting benches.The adjustable weight bench is ideal for doing dumbbell and abdominal exercises in the comfort in gym club . Ergonomic design reduces the chances of getting unnecessarily injured while you exercise.

Product Details

Based on international advanced design concept, upgrade the structure, adapt to the needs of

various users.

Adopt international advanced production facilities-laser cutting machines, automatic welding

robots, CNC facilities etc, to achieve top standard tooling operations.

Combine chemical treatment process and electrostatic spraying process, ensure perfect appearance.

Main tube thickness: 3mm,combine oval tube thickness: 50*100mm

 Applicable for various workout by barbells, dumbbells, free body

and different kinds of accessories.

Make exercise by sitting, lying or leaning on it with one part of

body, both back cushion and seat can be adjustable.

Targeted exercise to improve performance, exercise all muscle

groups, training can be personalized.




J-037 Multi Adjustable Bench 可调哑铃椅 副本_副本_副本.jpg





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