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2017 New design strength machine AK series

Aug 09, 2017

AK Series:

Based on independent R&D design, equip with wicket of counterweight tower to form I-chill

of family series of fine, provide more choices for customers.

Follows international advanced design idea, comes from the Transformers of the design concept,

attractive and distinguished.

Less land occupation, light and durable, co-ordinate bright color , dynamic fashion.

Upgrade series, optimal adjustment of equipment’s structural, unify spare parts ,adapt to the

needs of users.

According with ergonomics and biomechanical principle, the movement trail of the motion arms

scientific and rational, makes exercising smooth .

One-time-forming cushion makes it more comfortable and durable.

The premium and durable cable is covered with PVC material.

The selection pin for weight stacks with strong magnet to make the movement more safe