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After spinning fitness considerations

Nov 06, 2017

1, should not be immediately drinking lots of water

After strenuous exercise if too many thirsty one-time drink lots of water, which will result in lower concentration of salt in the blood.Day sweat is much, salt are more likely to lose, are more likely to reduce cell osmotic pressure, cause the disorder of metabolic balance of sodium, such as muscle cramps occur.Due to fewer gastrointestinal blood during strenuous exercise, function is poor, to the water absorption ability is weak, too much water will seep into the cells and stromal cells.

2, should not be immediately wash the cold bath, swimming, blowing or use the air conditioning

Just after the violent campaign, enter the air conditioning room or in a cool, FengKouChu cool, it will take a lot of body heat, make the skin temperature drops too fast, reflex activity through the nervous system, can cause upper respiratory tract vasoconstriction, nasal cilium swings slow, reduce the local resistance force.The parasitic bacteria in respiratory tract virus can multiply, easy to cause colds, flu, bronchitis and other diseases.Some strenuous exercise immediately after go swimming or take a cold plunge immediately, because the body temperature and water temperature difference, are also prone to crus cramp.

3, do not eat right

Strenuous exercise, because blood more concentrated in the place such as limb muscle and respiratory system, the digestive organ blood is relatively small, digestion and absorption ability is poor, need after exercise over a period of time adjustment, digestive function to gradually returned to normal.So after strenuous exercise, such as dinner soon, generally do not eat sweet, and's ability to attract in the food nutrition is quite poor.