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Arrange your sports course

Nov 16, 2017

Do aerobic or anaerobic exercise good?Go to the gym to exercise a lot of friends all ask me that question, while many people may have the idea, have to warm up before exercise can avoid muscle strain, so it was the beginning of 30 minutes running, then you have a feeling that is when you run out, your strength will be significantly diminished?Personally, I tend to first after anaerobic and aerobic

Why I insist on anaerobic aerobic exercise after first?, of course, in order to avoid muscle strain, still need to do some simple stretching movements before do the action, in fact, in order to achieve the result of reduced fat, your body should be stored fat as the energy needed to exercise.And before that, you must burn glycogen reserves.When making weight-bearing exercise was using stored in muscle of inositol.If you do the beginning aerobic exercise, the original 20-30 minutes will consume our inositol Then burn fat, so when you run then strength training when you feel overwhelmed, and even suffering, and anaerobic strength training should do, you usually are in glycogen was used as fuel.You do strength training, you can burn your most of the glycogen stored in the body.In strength training before doing aerobic exercise, can burn more fat!

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