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Best Legs Workout

Mar 22, 2018

Training your legs has a lot of fruitful impacts on your body, one of which is the increased production of Testosterone, a male growth hormone that helps you get bigger and stronger. The most important reason that you should never, I repeat, -never skip your leg workouts.


The Legs Workout is as follows:


1] Squats [5 sets, 12/10/10/8/8 reps]:

The king of all the lower body exercises, Squat is a compound movement that hits multiple muscles at a time.Choose the weights as per your strength and focus on perfecting the range of motion before adding more weights on the bar. Go down slowly and build that eccentric strength to maximally hit the quads.


If you are a beginner and 5 sets seem impossible, start with as many as you can and slowly progress. If needed, start with bodyweight squats first and then move to the weighted ones.


2] Conventional Deadlift [5 sets, 12/10/10/8/8 reps]:

Another compound exercise that would fire up that posterior chain and hit those hamstrings, glutes and lower back.

>Set your body close to the bar

>Grip it at shoulder width

>Drive from your heels, drive your hips forward and squeeze the glutes

>Going back down, drive your hips back and lower the bar slowly

>Keep your chest forward that helps you to keep a neutral spine


3] Bulgarian Split Squat [4 sets, 10 reps each leg]:

Elevate one leg behind you on a bench and put the other leg front out. You can either use a bar or dumbbells and squat while putting maximum tension on the working leg and keep switching between sets at short intervals. It is more like an athletic version of a squat.


4] Hyperextensions [4 sets, 5 heavy/ 5 bodyweight]:

Set up yourself on a hyperextension machine and pick up a barbell that challenges you for 5 reps, once done, drop the weight and do 5 bodyweight reps. Try to keep your spine in a neutral position and squeeze your glutes while moving up. Hits those glutes and hamstrings properly.


5] Superset:


Leg Extensions [3 sets, 10 reps]: Keep your back close to the bench and slowly extend your legs while squeezing the quads. Don’t go heavy on this, instead aim for a better mind-muscle connection.


Leg Curls [3 sets, 10 reps]: Again an isolation exercise, so keep the weight low and focus on the eccentric portion of the exercise.Do a 3 count while lowering the bar and you will definitely feel the burn in your hamstrings and glutes.


6] Calf Raises:

3 sets x 10-12 reps TOES FORWARD

3 sets x 10-12 reps TOES OUT

3 sets x 10-12 reps TOES IN


You can do these on a smith-machine or do it on a seated calf machine,whichever is available to you. Just focus on hitting the calves from all directions by switching between the position of your toes,simply stretch the calves and have full flexion at the top. Feel free to start off with body-weight and then slowly and steadily add weights.