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China very hot Spinning Bike

Apr 24, 2017

Spinning Bike is one of the most popular fitness sports nowadays, it is a very good aerobic exercise, can not only improve the cardiopulmonary function energy consumption reducing body fat to relieve stress.Our company produce this kind of bicycle is the most popular and fashionable appearance, simple atmosphere, cover an area of an area small, total package type designed to be both safe and beautiful.

FB-5817 Spinning Bike

FB-5817 Spinning Bike


Size: 1068mm*526mm*1045~1300mm

Net Weight: 50KGS

Gross Weight: 55 KGS

Fly Wheel Weight: 22.5KGS

Max User Weight: 130KGS / 287LBS

Tube Thickness: 2.5mm

Bearing: M20

Packaging: Carton

EN-957 approved