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Classification by function

Mar 30, 2017

1. function of treadmill

Single function treadmill from the structure is divided into two categories, one is a wheel running machine, one is Tablet-style treadmill. Noisy roller treadmill work, has been eliminated. Tablet is the people voluntarily moving the treadmill, it makes people feel the same as ordinary running. It recorded the electronic table to help train speed, time, heart rate, calories, time, distance, and so on. So that you know your training at any time, for the purpose of adjustments.

2. multifunctional treadmill

Is a multifunctional running machine treadmill, rowing machine, recumbent, upright exercise bike, relax, waist rotation functions such as equipment combinations, and to many features, small footprint and liked by some people. It exercises the same as ordinary treadmills, fitness but the use of comfortable, convenient, accurate view of technical actions, versatile treadmill has certain defects.