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Do you need a very popular treadmill?

Aug 07, 2017

JB-8800 is a very popular treadmill, there are a lot of gym have chosen JB-8800 treadmill, large screen, high-end design, choose JB-8800 running machine can make the gym look more fashionable, trust us, choose JB-8800 treadmill will bring a surprise to you.


18.5 inch quad-core Android touch screen, high resolution1920x1080, support WIFI connectivity.

Acrylic touch key, support speed and slope direct selection.

Self - lubricant available, improve the convenience and durability of long term using.

Flex deck and quadruple shock absorption technology.

Rich configuration, versatile options.

Lengthened treadmill design.

Main frame is steel welded, thickness 3mm&5mm in different parts.