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Does spinning help cardiopulmonary function?Can you exercise cardiopulmonary function?

Jul 06, 2018
  1. The origin of spinning bikes There are two versions of the origin of spinning bikes. One way of saying that Australians who love cycling are a fitness exercise invented according to Australia's unique landforms. Its English name "Spinning" (rotation) is a very close summary of its characteristics, that is, you want to keep the wheels through the movement. Rotation of the ground to achieve the effect of burning fat, fitness and improving cardiopulmonary function; another saying that it originated in the United States, is currently the most popular in France, Italy, Israel, South Africa.

  2. The structural characteristics of the spinning bike The "car" of the spinning bicycle is very different from the ordinary bicycle. Although it also has the handlebar, the seat and the wheel, it is fixed on the ground. When you sit on it and perform the same braking action as a regular bicycle, you can turn the wheel of the spinning bike, but its chassis is always fixed. The most unique thing about spinning bikes is that you can freely change the resistance of the wheels. The seats and handles (that is, the handlebars) can be easily adjusted according to the individual's body. During the exercise, everyone will work together to change the speed and difficulty of the car with the rhythm of spinning music and lighting, and imitate the natural cycling action such as going uphill and downhill. Thanks to the safety feet that are always fixed to the fascia, the safety factor is absolutely reassuring.

  3.  spinning bicycle to improve the body's cardio-pulmonary function. The sport of cycling is quite significant for the improvement of the cardio-pulmonary function of the human body. It can burn a lot of fat per hour on average. Usually, a course of 45 minutes of spinning will burn off 400- 500 calories, equivalent to one and a half hours of long-distance running. In particular, the sport has a very good shaping effect on the buttocks, thighs and calves.

  4.  spinning bike also has many benefits such as bodybuilding According to the introduction, riding a bicycle has a good bodybuilding effect on the buttocks, thighs and other muscles, which can enhance the lower limb strength of our body. Moreover, its stability and non-displacement increase the safety factor of training, which is one of the best ways to treat knee joint problems. If you can ride a bicycle for 45 minutes every day, you can consume 4-5 kilocalories, and you can lose about 1 pound in a week. The effect is very obvious!