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Elliptical workouts you need to know the techniques

Oct 31, 2017

Elliptical machine is a help to the whole body movement of fitness equipment, and the trajectories of elliptical machine wear to knee almost can be ignored, suitable for all age groups of friends join in the sport.But the movement of the elliptical machine needs to vary from person to person.

1. If the thigh belongs to the muscle type or the person who is afraid of legs or fat, the less resistance is better, the longer the better.Of course, if the joint is safe, you should not have four or five hours of practicing elliptical machines.

2. A lot of people practice the elliptical machine and the calf is obviously stronger. Why does this happen?Because of your heel lift up or secretly, heel lift support, is actually raises a deformation (in bodybuilding, dumbbell/lift heel barbell standing or sitting, is a classic action of specially used to exercise the leg muscles, increase muscle size and portrays the beautiful lines).

3, others reaction after practicing for a period of time the elliptical machine thick thighs, it really can't blame the elliptical machine, you must practice in the process of legs knee bending is too big, is a Beijing Opera in the sort of short walk or martial arts, "ma bu" or horse stance just look in the solution is close to full extension alternately legs but not completely straight Angle.It's not a big problem, but a lot of people have overstretched knees and it's not good to go too far.

Four, elliptical machine practice abdomen effect is very good, but many people do not know, every time elliptical machine practice front to do 10 minutes of abdominal practice, then go up elliptical machine, assure to let you have surprise!

5, the elliptical machine can also depict the back muscle line, more people not know?Hold on to shake the hand, a lot of people just in order to coordinate the body, but in the process of practice hands if use a little force, became a single hand posture rowing alternately, it can exercise to our back muscles.At the same time because of the resistance, we can completely do not worry about the trapezius muscle or the latissimus dorsi muscle.