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Mar 30, 2017


Weight loss: time 30-40 minutes

Because body fat consumption in moderate-intensity exercise for half an hour to 45 minutes after the start, so use running machines make sure you control the time and speed. The best time was 30-40 minutes, if you also want to do other sports, you can reduce the time but don't make less than 20 minutes, speed differences in the gender difference in this set, the men best at 6.5 km/h, while women are better at 5.5 km/h. And pay attention to running arm swings, don't help on the handrail, because it consumes more energy, more natural security.

Practicing cardiopulmonary: speed 5~9 grade 0%~10%

If you decide to exercise your heart, then it is best to consult a specialist in sports medicine. Based on his proposal to set target heart rate, in General, when you reach the target heart rate while running and then to maintain 25-35 minutes, and best speed set at 5, grade control between 0%~10%. When you complete the whole exercise not to hurry down, better to slow down and then after 5 minutes left, back to work.

Warm-up: 5-10 minute speed of not more than 8

If you want to use the treadmill to warm up or cool, time control in the 5-10 minute, speed is also best not to exceed 8, particularly in the preparatory activities when the best sequential ran 3-5 for 4.5 minutes, then ran 2-3 for 8 minutes, then ran 3-5 down to 5 minutes. This avoids the unnecessary consumption of energy. Slope with 0%~4% you can.