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How long is the result that reduce weight bike ride?

Dec 19, 2017

A spinning class for 45 minutes, the quantity of heat that use up about 400-500 calories, equivalent to run for 75 minutes, at least three times a week.Coach will use different music put it together, the whole is: the warm-up stretch + conventional seated practice + hill sprints, stretching to relax.Spinning can make people sweat, should pay attention to moisture at any time in the process of sports supplement.Intake enough water to keep "full" feeling, to help fat decomposition, sport before, during and after should follow the principle of a small amount of drink water many times.Spinning the bodywork is designed according to the human body engineering mechanics, randomly selected for different height, weight, safety cover is fixed on the pedal board, which effectively improves the safety factor of the movement.Let patrons in the happy effectively strengthen the muscular endurance and cardiopulmonary function, and endurance exercise at the same time, will burn a lot of fat, and achieve the goal of weight loss.