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How to A djust C able P ulley M achine

Jan 23, 2018

When a user decides to modify a gym pulley system or a gym pulley system, they should first know what kind of exercises they need to do on the machine.

Different activities call for different pulley systems, and their placement is also different. For example, when using the cable pulley weight machine for cable squats, the pulley system is usually set near the ground whereas when doing triceps pull downs, the handle should be above making the pulley system go all the way up almost to the top.After determining the height at which the user will be using the equipment at, the pins that fasten the pulley onto the central metal tower can then be loosened.

Once the knob is loosened, then it is pulled to release the pulley from the current hole. It is important at this point to hold the pulley to ensure it does not move to an undesired position. It is easy to move the pulley up or down to a desired position.

One then gets the pin back making sure it fits in a hole in the tower at the required position and fastens it stabilizing the pulley. The machine is now ready to be used at that position without the worry of the pulley coming off.