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How to buy spinning bikes?

Jun 11, 2018

In order to save costs, many gyms buy some lower-priced spinning bikes and even buy the most common home models. As a result, replacement parts are too busy, the car is often a common phenomenon, and it also makes the gym's managers feel headaches. So, how to pick a gym-specific spinning bike to be durable? Let's take a look at the coaches' vomiting blood to share the following:

1, Do not use household models to replace

If it is a small club or the usage rate is not high, you can use a family car, but it is not recommended. One of the reasons why everyone will see it will be clear.

2, for different body users

This requires models to be large enough, heavy enough and smooth enough.

3, standard gym models

The total vehicle weight must be at least 45kg or more, and the flywheel must be 20kg or more.

4, adjust the resistance and flexibility

Brake pads must have a sense of transition when adjusting the resistance of spinning bikes, and they can adapt to the requirements of resistance adjustment in different courses.

5, pedal comfort and durability

Foot pedals are fragile parts and are critical. Non-commercial pedals can never be used, and they are easy to be damaged. Moreover, people with large size can wear sports shoes. A small pedal cannot be used. Special attention must be paid.

6, the work must be fine

Due to the high usage rate, it must be a finely crafted model to ensure normal, long-term use. If the work is not precise enough, spinning will become very loose after half a year.

7, choose the standard commercial axis

The central axis is the core of the entire spinning bike, and it is troublesome to maintain. Abnormal noise is often found here, so be sure to choose a standard commercial axis.

8, simple and practical

The gym-specific spinning bikes are mainly simple and practical, and since no one is using them, unnecessary parts or accessories can be removed.

9, home models

This is the so-called home spinning bike. There is a clear difference between a family model and a gym-specific spinning bike.

Tips: The selection of spinning bikes should not only look at the price, where to sell cheaply, but spinning is not a good thing to buy back, and perfect after-sales service is very important. Save money and worry, price and quality, service is always proportional, remember to remember!