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How to choose a gym-specific spinning bike to be durable

Jul 18, 2018

In order to save costs, many gyms buy some spinning bikes with lower prices, and even buy the most common household models to replace them. As a result, the replacement parts are too busy, and the car often becomes a common phenomenon, which also makes the gym managers have a headache. So, how to choose a gym-specific spinning bike to be durable?

1. Do not use household models. If it is a small club or a low usage rate, you can use a home model, but it is not recommended. The reason for this is that everyone will understand when they look down.

2, suitable for users of different sizes This requires the model to be large enough, heavy enough and stable enough.

3. Standard gym model The weight of the whole vehicle must be at least 45kg or more, and the flywheel is 20kg or more.

4. Flexible resistance adjustment When the brake pads adjust the resistance of the spinning bicycle, they must have a sense of transition and can adapt to the requirements of different courses for resistance adjustment.

5, comfortable and durable pedals Foot is a vulnerable part, it is very important. Non-commercial pedals can never be used, it is easy to break, and people with large size wear sneakers, and small pedals can't be used. Pay special attention.

6, workmanship should be fine Because of the high usage rate, it must be a fine workmanship model to ensure normal, long-term use. If the work is not fine enough, the spinning bike will become very loose after half a year, and the re-purchase will not be worth the loss. 7. Choosing a standard commercial mid-axis The central axis is the core of the entire spinning bike, and it is very troublesome to repair. Abnormal noise is often here, so it is important to choose a standard commercial mid-axis.

8, simple and practical Gym dedicated spinning bikes are simple and practical, because everyone is using, so unnecessary parts or accessories can be removed. 9, home models Also known as home spinning bikes, home models and gym-specific spinning bikes are clearly different, pay attention to identification. Tips: The selection of spinning bikes should not only look at the price, but it is good to sell cheaply. It is not a problem to buy a spinning bike. The perfect after-sales service is very important. Saving money is not worry-free, price and quality, service is always proportional, remember to remember!