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How To Do Incline Bench Press And Decline Bench Press Effectively?

Nov 09, 2018

How To Do Incline Bench Press And Decline Bench Press Effectively?

First things first, you need an appropriate bench to start this off:

You should take care that it has sure footing before you start off as any mishaps during presses, especially decline, can be dangerous. Also, it would be good to have your own spotter, especially if you’re just starting out.

The mechanics are quite similar to the bench press, in that you move weight from your chest to full extension of your arms. What differs here is the angle at which your arms are in relation to your chest.

You need to make sure that the bar is at your chest level before you lift it. Bring it down to your sternum and then push explosively till you lock your arms out. Repeat for 8 – 10 reps.

Another Difference Between Incline And Decline Bench – Angles And Posture

Ideally, you should have between 45 – 60 degrees during incline bench press or decline. But to kick it off, you might do well to keep it to 30 degrees and then work your way up to it when you are comfortable.

60 is the absolute max I would go, because beyond that you aren’t doing much for your chest anyways and it will only be exerting your arms/shoulders and not to mention stressing your back. Once you’ve been at it (30 degrees) for a period of time, then you can move to greater angles according to the equipment that you have access to.

Final thoughts on Incline And Decline Bench Press

Now that you know about what advantages decline or incline bench presses offer you, it’s time that you took advantage of it as well at your local or garage gym.

Just remember to load up on lesser weights until your body gets used to the new position and posture. This will ensure minimal risk of injury and unintended consequences when you start on this new regime.