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How to maintain the elliptical machine?

Aug 23, 2017

Elliptical machine is one of the instruments of the gym can often see that activists like using elliptical machine to do some warm-up, elliptical orbit, don't give too much pressure for knee rehabilitation and warm up before the movement.But the elliptical machine also needs to be well maintained, to ensure a safe environment.

Elliptical machine before each use, should check all aspects of the elliptical machine, see if there are signs of loosening screws, welding parts have open welding etc., to prevent the occurrence of accident at the time of exercise, not hurt myself, so once found that there is a problem, so long must handle in time.

Keep an eye on places that place elliptical machines, not too wet, or too dry, to prevent the inner parts of the elliptical machine from rusting and getting too dry to accumulate dust.

It can prolong the service life of the elliptical machine by adding lubricating oil to the double-track pulley of the elliptical machine.

As a long-term use of elliptical machine fitness enthusiasts, should prepare some can replace parts and components, such as screw, screw, etc., so that the elliptical machine happen condition can be timely replacement for;

The last point is that if you use elliptical machine for the first time, then it is better under serious reading comes with instructions, or is in guidance of experienced friends down using elliptical machine, is able to extend the service life of the elliptical machine!