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How to use chest press?

Jan 15, 2018


Chest Press is one of the best machine based exercises to target the Chest press muscles and give you a fully developed chest. The benefit with machine based workouts is that it is easy to put the body in the perfect position to be able to target the upper chest fibers. This results in the required micro damage in the tissues to help you build new muscles. Start off with lighter weights and slowly and steadily stack up the weights to keep the hypertrophy going.

How to do it:

Sit upright with your chest out, a slight arch in the back and your rear delts firmly placed against the seat, keep your feet planted on the floor.

Grip both the handles with an overhand grip and try to squeeze them hard.

Push the bars away while maintain a squeeze in the chest throughout the motion.

Let the levers down slowly so as to have maximized tension in the muscle fibers.

Repeat the motion in controlled fashion, so as to avoid any unnecessary shoulder involvement.