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How to use Smith Machine?

Feb 28, 2018

How to do Smith Machine:

Set-up the Smith Machine bar with weights at the lowest setting.

Stand next to the bar, with your feet shoulder width apart and under the bar.

Move your hips back and bend the knees to grab the bar, keep your back straight.

Grab the bar with an overhand grip, with hands at shoulder width.

Pull the bar up till you stand tall, keeping your arms straight.

Bend over again to lower the bar to the floor.

Repeat in a controlled manner.

Standing Machine Dos:

Maintain a straight back throughout the exercise

Go through the full range of motion.

Keep your core tight.

Keep the movement controlled.

Focus on squeezing the hamstrings and glutes in every rep.

Standing Machine Don't

Do not rush into the movement, Keep it slow to increase the tension on the muscle.

Do not move your lower back, keep it stable.

Do not do half reps, go through the full range of motion.

Do not go too heavy too soon, slowly build up the strength.