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How to use the chest press and shoulder press?

Sep 22, 2017

1. Shoulder press: during the use, the body is sitting in the back chair of the equipment, keeping the head and back cushions, and the waist and abdomen.Please hold your hand.Use the force of the deltoid muscle to push the weight up.When you use it, you should be quick to push up and keep your elbow slightly down when you reach the top. Do a little pause, slow down when you go back, and use the control of the deltoid muscle.

2. Pec Fly and Rear Delt: the body is tight and the waist is tightened up and the waist and abdomen are seated. The two shoulders are fully raised by holding the lever of the device, and the chest is fully extended.Concentrate on the contraction of the latissimus dorsi muscle and pull the rod down to the sternum above the nipple.Try to hold the shoulder blades together on both sides of your back so that the latissimus dorsi muscle is at its peak, and then pull the lever back to its position.

3. Chest press: when using, the body is on the back of the equipment, the head and back should be close to the back cushion, the waist abdomen is tightened.In the whole process of using, with the contraction of the pectoralis major, the two arms are pushed up, reaching the peak of the pectoralis major, after the peak contraction, a little pause, and then the elbow joint is to be maintained.Repeat the previous action.