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How To Work On A Leg Press Machine?

Oct 10, 2018

How To Work On A Leg Press Machine?

So, you might be wondering, what is a leg press? Another question that you will ask yourself is how to use a leg press machine. The leg press is, quite simply, a weight training exercise in which you push a weight or any kind of heavy object away by using your legs. It is usually used to evaluate the person’s strength in the lower body (more specifically, the knees and joints). If not done correctly, it can cause heavy injuries in the knees or ankles, so you should never do it without a trained expert by your side. Check out the various gym machines for home gym.

There are two types of leg press exercises:

The seated leg press (professionally known as the “cable”) – the athlete sits in an upright position and pushes forward with his legs. This type of exercise requires a plate that is attached to a weight stack with a steel cable.

The vertical or diagonal leg press. Think of it as a sled. This is the most common type of leg press exercise, as it is usually recommended for beginners. The weight plates are attached to a sled positioned on top of a rail. The athlete pushes the weight upwards using their feet.