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Leg Fitness Equipment and Exercises: Learn to Use Squat Machine

Feb 27, 2018

A squat stretch is performed on the machine, legs outstretched in front of you, ankles stuck in the cushions or pads, and hands gripping in front of you on both sides on the machine rod. In this exercise, you need to flex both yours legs simultaneously trying to touch your buttocks with your heels. At the end of the each movement, you have to return to the starting position. This exercise works the hamstrings, gastrocnemius, and popliteus. Furthermore, flexion of legs causes external rotation of the feet, exercising other muscle groups. You can also make a variation of the squat exercise by flexing alternate legs.

It is important to note that when doing these exercises, a beginner should concentrate on doing these exercises efficiently and correctly and do them without weights and less repetitions and as you get trained and get more experienced with without weights, you can pace up the training with weights and more repetitions or series.

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