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Mar 30, 2017

Regular cleaning of the fuselage, and the dust beneath the fuselage. Recommends gently swabbing with a soft cotton cloth. Do not use acid cleaners.

Regularly checks the running between the belt and the running Board for foreign bodies, such as chewing gum, creature, and so on. If a foreign body is found, it should be immediately clear.

Recommended treadmills below, use the sport special mats; can eliminate noise pollution, while running the floor, on the other hand can effectively prevent dust and foreign matter from entering the motor box or run between the belt and the running Board.

Check the running belt tension on a regular basis, and whether there was deviation phenomenon.

Check the emergency braking function of treadmill on a regular basis to ensure that safe and effective.

Running on a regular basis between the belt and the running Board, apply Silicon oil; ensure that run with smooth running.

How to use a treadmill fitness science training before a bite to eat, exercise on an empty stomach may cause exercise-induced anemia, Cup of juice before exercising, or eating a banana, it can give you the strength to exercise, but do not eat junk food, such as fried Donuts.

Select quick start mode: good opportunity to preset a running program, you are running, simply follow the prompts to enter your data, you can choose a different mode of exercise, such as "fat models", "heart and lung function mode", "mountain mode", "random mode" and so on. Among them, the quick start mode you can adjust the intensity.