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New Plate Load Fitness Chest Press Shoulder press

Apr 19, 2017



As a sturdy and compact product, it adopts high performance carbon steel materials as a whole. 

There is the same material for the related racks, connected accessories and adjusted components.

With such a sturdy main frame and appearance design, the machine gets more stable.


With advanced steel alloy equipped, each machine has high strength and weight ratio, 

and excellent strength absorptive character as well. With tough and durable feature,

there is barbell plates with anti-hitting performance, reinforced cylinder, large-scale 

connected bearing bushing, etc.


Super strong humanization design. The shape and position of each pad, bolt and connected

 bearing have been designed based on comfortable natural standard. It is easy for the weight 

stack to be adjusted quickly and safely at a minimum distance. Based on human engineering 

standard, the handle and grip are designed for more suitable hand grasps.


Using computer aided design by 3D and CAD software, we can realize best effect on the

harmony of product and space.

Pivot Point

There is sophisticated bearding base, hermetic super-big spheroidal bearing and self-lubricating 

sleeve applied to all the connected bearings. They make each movement more accurate and 

smooth, reduce friction during the movement , increase the life span, and get easy for 

maintenance and repair.

Paint Spraying

There is anti-static paint spraying on the surface and coating of each equipment. With strong

durability, resistance to scratching, antistrip performance and resistance to collision, the equipment 

is easy to get cleaned with cloth wiping.


The equipment adopts professional back pads, which are more durable to lean on, more thick 

and solid and more comfortable. There is 8LB elastic high-density foam applied in the industry

field, which ensures comfort and reliable during the whole movement.


PRO series helps users achieve their advanced

weight‐training objectives;

The application of biometric design maximizes the benefits of every workout;


Advanced biomechanics guarantees that our equipment respects the physiological movement 

of the body with none of the stress or trauma that using free weights may cause;


Performance‐based design creates users challenging experiences.

Pro-001 Chest Press