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nutrition in sport

Aug 28, 2018

People slog themselves day in and day out in the weight room, no matter what their fitness goal is: weight loss or building muscles. Surprisingly, most people are not aware that workouts only contribute 30-40% to your fitness goals and it is your nutrition that has 60-70% contribution towards your overall health and fitness. In majority of the cases, nutrition is the missing link that leads to people failing to achieve their body goals and cut short their fitness journey.

Importance of wholesome nutrition:

Fat Loss: It is a basic principle that in order to lose fat, you need to go into caloric deficit along with rigorous and intense workout sessions. Till the time, you don’t keep your nutrition in check, it would be impossible for you to balance the calorie consumption cycle.

Muscle Mass: If your fitness goal is building muscles, even then you need to know your macros and monitor your protein intake which is the key to building new muscle tissues. Once you start evaluating your food items on the basis of nutritional values, then only you can ensure that you are consuming enough protein needed to sustain and build up muscle mass.

Lethargic Workouts: Pre-workout meals are a vital cog in your training cycle and ensuring that you consume the right nutrients before the workout is quite essential. Intake of a high carb meal before your workout can prove helpful to supply you with sufficient energy to sustain through intense workout sessions without you getting fatigued.

Key to Recovery: When you cool-off after a heavy lifting session, your body gets into the repair mode and is in lookout for nutrients to recover from the micro-damage done to the muscle tissues. A high-protein post workout meal can do wonders to your recovery process, thus help you gain substantial muscle mass and lose the extra fat from your body.