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Running machine

Mar 30, 2017

1. mechanical treadmill

Machinery is relying on a treadmill runner feet and running friction driven to run, simply put electric treadmill is running on motor-driven treadmill belt.

2. motorized treadmill

Electric running machine equipment of gyms and households in the higher, driven by motor run with who passively at various speeds running or walking. Due to the formation of passive running and walking, seen from the action shape, almost the same as ordinary run or walk on the ground, but from a human point of view, in the electric running on a treadmill, walking than running, and take the action saves a stretch. Which make every walk on the motorized treadmill running is very easy, can make more people than normal running run about 1/3 away, more energy than ordinary walking, running. In addition, electronic accessories on a motorized treadmill is very much, can experience the different running conditions, such as ground running, Hill runs, Hill runs, speed running, you can choose depending on your aim