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Running to lose fat is boring?Spinning takes you into an interesting field

Jun 07, 2018

Friends who often go to the gym will find that there is a room in the gym that is always the hottest. Along with the blazing music, a group of people rides a small bicycle. This car is what we usually call a spinning bike. Spinning bikes has always been the most classic aerobic exercise, and it is always the first choice for those who do not want to exercise. People who do not have an atmosphere do not want to exercise. Spinning is not only an artifact that we lose fat, but also can improve our speed and explosiveness.

Let's talk about the rise of a spinning bike. The spinning bike was created in the 1980s by a fitness coach and extreme athlete. The sport combines dynamic music and gorgeous lighting into sports, giving people more energy and fitness under hearing and visual enjoyment.

A spinning bike is similar to an ordinary bicycle. The difference is that the spinning bike is fixed in place. This is why spinning bikes do not have to worry about external factors and can challenge our limits.

Before we start riding a spinning bike, we need to adjust our seats first. If we don't have a good position, it may damage our knees. We can stand on the ground, raise the thigh horizontally, and then the calf perpendicular to the ground, this time our hips to the ground is the height of our seat. The height of the grip is not critical, as long as it is adjusted to our own comfortable position. We also need to pay attention to the pedals of the spinning bike. There are arguments. In order to let us not step on the air or be thrown out during a violent ride, the pedals can fix our feet. Our feet twist 45 degrees. It can just be locked.

The action of riding is also something that we need to pay attention to. The spinning bike is not as casual as we usually do, because it has high exercise intensity, so the wrong action will often get the opposite effect. When riding, we must pay attention to the upper body straight, slightly forward, arms straight, shoulders sinking, in the process of riding we slowly speed up the pace of the foot, the body should be stable, do not move with the feet And shaking the body from side to side.

There are many people who don't usually go for a spinning class with most people. Instead, they usually ride alone during the gym and can recommend a cycling program for everyone. This program is based on the principle of HIIT fat loss, which is the combination of anaerobic and aerobic training. The initial warm-up is 5 minutes of slow cycling, speed of 80 revolutions per minute, and then switching between high-speed cycling for 3 minutes and low-speed cycling for 3 minutes for 5-8 groups. After riding a spinning bike, it is also used to stretch the leg muscles.

Running fat is too boring? The fast-paced fat loss of a spinning bike is very suitable for the speed of life in our city. For those who have less time but want to lose weight, you can try this cool sport. Spinning bikes will take you into a fun world!