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Smith machine instructions

May 17, 2017

Smith machine is mainly to exercise the pectoralis major and triceps, can shape the appearance of chest and arms, increase muscle strength

1.Face up, lie on the inclined stool (stool Angle not more than 30 °) when a barbell in the bottom position, must be next to your upper chest.

2.Holding the barbell (distance equals to wide) hands feet apart, on the ground, back and hips           matter against the stools, control moves downwards, should make full use of retreating when dropped a barbell to close to the chest, keeping the elbow down and point to the lateral chest in the transformation of time don't let the barbell directly from the chest out, should be put into his arms   unbend completely (be careful not to lock the elbow)

3.8-15 times in each group, a total of 3 to 5 groups, each group of 1 to 2 minutes to rest.

Please note that when using Smith machine, can't let a barbell from chest suddenly push up sharply, accompanied by new students need to coach

J-020 Smith Machine 史密斯训练器1 副本.jpg