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Spinning routine maintenance

Dec 22, 2017

1. The spinning bike must be dry, airy and smooth

   Use on the ground.

2. Maintain a clean body every day, especially the body easy

   Dripping perspiration stains place.

3. Bare body parts to be applied once every two months to prevent

   Rust oil (seat, handlebar tube) to prevent oxidation and

   Maintain good lubrication.

4. After each class, there should be full-time maintenance staff

   Check all the body screws, adjust the knob is

   Loose, fasten in time. Shui Shui, and a large round of solid-

   Is the screw loose?

5. After the end of each lesson, check the foot and foot link

   Whether the connection is loose (because the bicycle can be transported before and after

   Turn, turn after the turn on the shackle phenomenon, so

   Easy to loose), if not timely fastening, leg fixed

  (Foot) buckle easy to wear, a direct result of crutches damage.

   Therefore, after-sales costs and costs caused, manufacturers will not

   Be responsible for.

6. Cycling for a period of time, such as the emergence of the axles at the foot

   A gap, that is, the chain may be loose, adjustable

   Section tightness of the chain, pay attention to adjust the chain screws,

   To keep the balance around, keep the wheel in the middle

   Position, no jitter (clockwise with five Allen wrenches

   Needle adjust the front two adjustment screws.

7. In the replacement of bicycle pedal should pay attention to the pedal screw fastener side

   To, to a good spin, shall not tilt or destroy threaded;

8 members in the use of exercise bike, must be a professional coach

   Correct use under the guidance, otherwise it will damage the equipment.

9. If you find any abnormal situation of the machine, please the first time

   Between the factory after-sales consulting.