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The difference between elliptical machine and treadmill

Nov 14, 2017

Elliptical machine is a kind of famous indoor fitness equipment. Compared with treadmill, elliptical machine can reach the same fitness effect with less exercise amount.   What are the benefits and efficiency of using elliptical machine? 

It can improve endurance, body exercise cardiopulmonary function, also can calm state of mind and enhance their comprehensive ability and so on. It is almost available for everyone , men and women, old and young.

 1, Coordinate limbs to get soft lines
Elliptical machine can successfully combine the arms and legsto achieve coordination of limbs and get the soft lines.The pedal movement is beneficial for the cardiopulmonary function and suitable for different ages of people.
2, lose weight effectively 
Elliptical machine is the most practical and scientific for people who need to lose weight.It  is difficult for heavier people running with the speed of 8-9 km/hour on a treadmill for 5-6 minutes. It is required at least 30 minutes for effective aerobic exercise. Therefore,it is difficult to see the effect only running 5-6 minutes. 
The results varies greatly for exercising on elliptical machine. Because elliptical machine has the function of resistance regulation. It is acceptable to exercise 60-70 minutes when it is adjusted to middle level. So people will lose more weight if persist.
3, Exercise the whole body
The movement of elliptical machine is similar with skiing, it can get satisfying effect of arms and waist. Elliptical machine can maximum limit to every part of body. Recent years, It is favored by more and more people.