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The function of the commercial fitness equipment

Dec 07, 2017

Fitness equipment according to the functional division of monofunctional trainers and multifunctional trainer two kinds.General monofunctional more targeted training, training of commonly used equipment have a rowing machine, fitness cars, walked briskly, running machine, the waist machine equipment such as basic training.Here we understand these simple fitness equipment function.

Increase the arm strength: dumbbell grips Multi-functional sit-up board

Rowing: mainly used to enhance the arm strength, the latissimus dorsi and movement coordination.

AMT fitness exercise machine: unlike other fitness way, users can in different movement patterns and zero impact under the experience completely, similar to climb the stairs, walking, jogging and long distance between free conversion.You can use this instant conversion mode function, adjust your training mode to achieve the goal of training for a particular muscle group.

Elliptical machine operation: smooth smooth trajectory and cross slope patent technology allows users to comply with the biomechanics posture exercise muscle group, to increase the diversity and the effectiveness of exercise.The occurrence of zero resistance exercise reduce muscle strain.

Body building cars: exercise, like riding a bicycle, is mainly used to strengthen the leg strength, enhance cardiovascular function.

Striding cars: mainly used to exercise the leg, waist and abdomen muscle and cardiopulmonary function.