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The International Chest Workout Day

Mar 27, 2018

Monday: The International Chest Workout Day,

While everyone talks about the horrors of Monday, a gym buff always gets pumped up to work out the most prominent muscle group, i.e.Chest. There are plenty of exercises you can opt for to torture your pecs, but you surely don’t want to waste time in guess work and try them all.

So we hereby provide you the perfect workout which comprises of the best-of-the-best mass building traditional exercises to help you get that chiseled chest you desire.

The goal is to keep the intensity high and focus on getting maximum work done in a short period of time, without further ado, let’s  quickly walk you through the Chest workout:

1] Barbell Bench Press

Starting off with flat bench press with a wider grip, the tried and tested muscle builder and highly recommended by the pros. This will hit the chest from all  the angles and activate the maximum fibers. 1st set is of 20 reps which will be an active warm up and helps you to engage your mind to the muscle. Add some weight for the second set and drop the rep range to 15 and for the final set we drop the reps to 10 and load up the bar to the max. Always choose the weights according to your strength levels and aim for progressive overload in the long run. This is most probably one of the best chest exercises.

2] Incline Dumbell Press

Moving on, we hit the upper chest fibers with Incline Dumbell Press. In the first set we aim for 10-12 reps so choose a weight that allows you to get to fatigue within that rep range and for the second set we keep the same weight but we go till failure, so don’t count the reps and keep pushing till you can’t do anymore and get the blood flowing in the upper portion of your chest.

3] Flat Dumbell Fly

Next we jump on to Flat Bench Dumbell Fly, keep the weights fairly low since the aim with this is to perfect the movement pattern and isolate the muscle and not gain strength. Focus on going deep and feel the stretch at the bottom of it and squeeze hard while bringing the weights up to engage the muscles optimally, keep it slow and  controlled. The first set will be 10-12 reps and on the second one simply push till failure and break-down those chest fibers.

4] Bar Dips

Now we get into troubled waters and look to hit the lower chest. This one is intimidating as most of us struggle to do this and we choose not to push ourselves on this and look for the easier options, but remember guys challenges help you to grow, not only in gym but in life as well. So don’t run away, instead aim to learn and get better at it slowly and progressively. The key is to focus on the lower range of the motion, go with a wide grip and try to dip as low as you can but go up halfway only and keep the tension on lower chest. Focus on the form and lead forward to put the lower chest on fire, on all the three sets simply aim for failure.

If you struggle to do this, aim to get at least 1-2 reps initially and then slowly build up or simply start with incline push-ups on a bench and gain some strength in the lower chest and then slowly progress to dips.

5] Push-ups 

For final burst, we are going old-school and getting down to earth, yes it is push-ups time baby!!

Just get down and crank up 100 reps, do it in one go or take rest in-between sets, however you feel like but complete the 100 mark. This will get the blood flowing and give you the ultimate pump and would be the perfect finisher for this short yet brutal workout to kick-start your week.

*Tip for Beginners: Don’t go bonkers on the weights just because everyone around you is lifting heavy. Keep the weights as low as possible and aim to perfect the movements first and then focus on progressive overload in the long run which will ensure that you not only gain strength but also stay injury-free in the long run.