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The reparis and maintenance of the treadmill

Aug 30, 2017

The treadmill stops automatically

Possible cause: a. circuit short circuit;B. Problems with internal lines;C. Problems with the drive plate.

A. Please check the wiring problems carefully;B. Check the line;C. replace the drive plate.

Electric treadmill can't speed up

Possible cause: a. dashboard damage;B. The sensor is broken;C. the drive plate is broken.

Solution: a. Replace the dashboard;B. replace the sensor;C, replace the drive plate.

3. The running belt of the treadmill appears skidding

Possible reasons: the treadmill belt is too loose.

Solution: a. Adjust the balance bolts at the back end of the running belt (rotate to a reasonable rotation in the clockwise direction);B. adjust the motor's fixed position.

There are murmurs in sports

Possible reasons: a. because the space between the cover and the running belt is too small, the friction between the cover and the running belt is caused;B. May have been involved in between running bands and running plates during exercise;C. the running belt is serious, and there is friction on both sides of the runner.D. motor noise.

Solution: a. To correct or replace the cover of the machine;B. remove foreign objects;C. Balance the running belt;D. replace the motor.

5. Why can't the treadmill start

Possible cause: a. power supply impassability;B. Fuse fused;The switch of the electric treadmill is broken.

The solution: a. please check the power supply;B. Replace the fuse;C. replace the power switch.

6. The running belt of the running machine appears biased

Possible causes: a. Imbalance between the front and rear axle of the treadmill;B. Because the running position in sports is not very standard, the right and left feet are uneven, leading to the bias belt.

Solution: adjust the balance of the roller.

The treadmill is prone to errors

Possible reasons: a. because the connection of the instrument is not connected;B. The circuit board of the meter is broken.

Solution: a. Check the three sections of cable;B. replace the electronic watch.

Motor has noise during motor running

Possible causes: a. May carbon brush wear out seriously;B. Friction against the object when the motor runs.

Solution: a. Check or replace the carbon brush;B. remove foreign objects.

9. Turn on the power and turn on the power switch

Possible reasons: a. three-phase plug is not in place;B. The wiring loose inside the switch;C. three phase plug damage;D. the switch may be damaged.

Solution: a. try a few more times, open the cover to check whether the wiring is loose;B. Replace the three-phase plug;C. replace the switch.

10. The electronic watch does not show

Possible cause: a. The control line is not connected;B. The transformer on the drive plate is broken;C. burns;D. power pipe burns.

The solution: a. Check the wiring head;B. replace the drive plate;C. replace the drive plate;D. replace the drive plate.