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Mar 30, 2017

1, is a basic prerequisite for fitness, running is also a way to strengthen the mind, fitness success Foundation for long-term persistence. It is not just the action to keep, but a stick to our ideology, and it is this persistence makes us healthy body.

2, and habit records km number of habits, many are has records away of function, dang we run to has must of distance, if is cannot insisted has, so records Xia today by run of away, such we on will has a reference, as long as tomorrow we can over this records on showed that has progress, keep daily records, we can found we of fitness law and body changes, while also will experience to success of joy.

3, we need to treadmill with a happy heart, passionate emotions on our exercise is also has a very good role, this is for us a happy, but we can listen to music while running.

4, good running speed and running speed is directly related to whether we can keep running for a long time, in General, has just started running too fast will cause we drop in the patient, if you want to stick to, when we need to start slow and keep this speed workout.