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Training the leg muscles of fitness equipment

May 04, 2017

All kinds of high-end leg ministry training device products

BN series


Pulley: Cast iron, ø106x20mm, with sealed bearing 6202RS.

Cable: Steel cable ø3.5 jacketed with PVC ø5.5mm outside diameter.

Powder Coating: 2 rounds  (silver/black/dark grey + varnish).

Tube 1: Oval Elliptical tube, 60*120mm T.: 3mm.

Tube 2: Oblong tube, 90mm T.: 3mm.

Weight stack: made of STEEL.

Weight Stack Cover: overall enclosed, one time molding PVC .

Stuffing: PU foam with synthetic leather.

Gas-spring  seat  adjustment  with embodied two-track-separate-move Design.

BN-013 Seated Leg Curl

BN-013 Seated Leg Curl

BN-015 Leg Press

BN-015 Leg Press

BN-017 Calf Press

BN-017 Calf Press