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Apr 14, 2017

Treadmill home fitness equipment and gym of a standing, and is the simplest of home fitness equipment today, is the best choice for family fitness.

1965 Finland Tang Teli was born the world's first household treadmill, designers according to the principle of speed zone changes. This treadmill birth represents the true modern home treadmill, people in Europe and the United States are beginning to accept the home run. But the treadmill, it can only go on top, running a little under the weather.

1969 birth can global first Taiwan heart rate training running machine, [1] put heart rate monitoring installation in running machine is world a big initiative, for world yihou development fitness equipment specified has direction. movement Shi heart rate is human state best of display, in Europe, monitoring heart rate reasonable of control himself of movement strength and science fitness has is is universal of concept, heart rate fitness also became has is important of fitness index. By 2015 in China only a few activists realized that to monitor your exercise intensity. Your exercise heart rate to a reasonable target area, you can easily achieve the weight loss results while avoiding the exercise hurt the transition. And more than anything else, exercise can temper people's heart and lung function, motion vector adhere to for a long time, can reduce the incidence of various diseases.