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Treadmill purchase considerations

Mar 30, 2017

1, features a treadmill operating comfort: this is based on the experience of using a treadmill is good.

2, treadmill running area: this mainly affects our comfort when running, treadmill running more comfortable big space, main can refer to the width of the running Board and stability of running boards.

3, whether the preset programs to meet needs: when we were running some of the data is needed at any time, whether those preset functions to meet your own needs, treadmill experience the best time to experience all the preset programs.

4, security when running: we use the treadmill for exercise just for the health of the body, therefore treadmill security is that we have to consider. From the treadmill handrail design is convenient and comfortable, and the emergency stop button is easily accessible and flexible.

5, treadmill panel design for humanity: when exercising on a treadmill when running on the information that we keep an eye on. Treadmill Panel designed for ergonomic becomes more important.