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Mar 30, 2017

Interior from the mating practices in the Department, so please try ten minutes from the process, keep the following ten points, because it might be your future using running machine and physically refreshed or weary of signs:

(1) motor: operation is smooth and no loud noise.

(2) the running belt: speed setting, and run with operation stable, uninterrupted, slippage or deviation from the center of attention.

(3) the running area: for your running pace, whether there is enough space, and solid surfaces, flexible.

(4) handling: use is appropriate and easy to operate.

(5) the format of the Panel arrangement: design whether reasonable and attractive, and there is a lot of information available. Have fun while reading.

(6) security: arm position is comfortable for you, emergency buttons are easy to see and touch.

(7) the machine response time and stability when a conversion function: switching slope and speed of the treadmill can operate in real time, rather than a sudden dramatic change you rock instability.

(8) the slope, the speed setting function: treadmills maximum slope and speed settings to meet your needs for treadmill training, speed set at the time of the highest functioning smoothly.

(9) fits for: default programs, heart rate control can use on all unsuspecting. When businesses let you stand on the machine when you start using, can you understand completely master the characteristics of treadmill training.

(10) design suitable for runners.