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Why Should You Use Leg Press Machines?

Oct 12, 2018

There are many benefits to doing leg presses in opposition to other types of exercises. The leg press works four muscle groups, such as the calves, gluteus maximus, hamstring and the quadriceps. Depending on the angle of the sled and the position of the feet, one muscle group will be worked more than the others.

Here are a few other reasons to do leg presses:

They strengthen leg muscles - As the name suggests, it is only obvious that doing leg presses is beneficial for the legs. By doing this particular type of exercise, you will focus mainly on the leg muscles, without straining other parts of your body. After doing leg presses regularly, you will notice that you are putting weight on much faster because they increase the muscular mass.

They burn calories fast - Sure, that applies to any type of physical effort, including leg presses. You will eliminate the calories while doing the exercise itself, and you will also increase your overall physical resistance, in particular on the lower part of the body.

Moreover, leg presses will activate your abdominal muscles because you will put a lot of pressure on the area if you are pushing the weights forward, in an upright position. Therefore, by extension, your body will be able to burn calories much faster than usual.

Leg presses are ideal for warming up before lifting big weights - Leg presses are perfect to warm up prior to more strenuous exercises. You could do some warm up sets before going into repping squats or deadlifts because the leg press focuses on all of the muscles from the posterior and anterior part of the leg (quads, hamstrings, glutes).

These are a few of the benefits of leg presses. But if you’re wondering how to leg press in a proper manner, we will tell you that you need the appropriate equipment. Here is a list of the best leg press machines you can find on the market.

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