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2017 Research And Development Of The New Silent Treadmill

May 05, 2017

Running is the most unusual way, the most popular sport, but vulnerable to weather, some external factors such as environment, site constraints, so many people choose to use the treadmill indoor fitness.At present, electric treadmill is popular with people, compared with the mechanical treadmill, its good shock absorption, instrument functions, exercise more natural, and computer program, the computer controlled speed, exercise more convenient.Some electric treadmill with heart rate, energy consumption, such as testing, make it of different ages like..The treadmill do you know how to choose?

JB-9600B/C Commercial treadmill

JB-9600B/C  Commercial treadmill

Smart console with Android system where you can download million apps and work out courses

3.0 HP - 5.8HP continuous duty AC keeps your workouts extremely quiet

MITSUBISHI Inverter and SIEGLING belt ensure secure and comfortable runs

The Fourfold Shock Absorption System reduces knee and joint

Self-lubrication system ensures an incredibly smooth move.