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A Simple Introduction Of Cable Crossover

May 19, 2017

Cable crossover is special fitness equipment in the gym, another name is "pulling force trainer" choose a different location, can exercise to the legs, arms, back, chest and abdominal muscles.

Lie to push for main point: the distance of hands is when the arm down to the elbow and back plane flat, forearm and right Angle to the upper arm.Hands clenched barbell, Withers remain adduction, abdomen keep tightening, elbow and barbell route not offset surface, edge of barbell exercise plane and chest are on the same plane.In order to fully pull chest muscle fibers, using the weight of the also wants moderate, suggest 8 to 15 in each group, the first group of 15 or so, then do 3 groups, 10, 12, finally a set of eight times, completed a total of five groups.