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Abdominal Machine Better Exercise

Oct 27, 2017

Face wall training refers to the hand to take the abdominal muscle wheel facing the wall, hands lifted the wheels placed on the wall along the wall to push up, while the body to promote up with the wheel to extend up to reach the limit and then slowly return to the initial position,Abdominal Machine so Repeated training to achieve the purpose of exercise the whole body. But also the body back to the wall hands raised lifespan, back and forth on the wall to promote the body with the action of the maximum extension, retraction, repeated operation can exercise the spine and cervical parts.

Mainly used to exercise upper body shoulder, chest, beginners is the most easy to get started when an action. The training of abdominal muscles to help small, obese people can initially use.

Kneeling training law to listen to the name to know, is to let us kneel on the ground with the wheel training, hands clenched hands with the hands of the handle evenly, repeatedly push forward the abdominal muscles, while the body to maximize the forward , And then back to the initial position of the kneeling position, so repeated operation.

On the abdominal muscles,Abdominal Machine the waist to stimulate the largest, while the arm, arms, chest and other parts can also play some auxiliary exercise

First leg slightly apart shoulder width, and then push the wheel forward, pay attention to the waist with force, breathing to the way, try not to hold your breath.

Waist training the most significant, but also to stimulate some parts of the arm (shoulder, forearm)

The exerciser sits in the chair, the foot is pressed with the handle of the abdomen, the foot is pushed with the foot, the leg extends as far as possible, and then returns to the original position, so repeatedly.

Can be thin legs, exercise leg flexibility, like thin legs of the beauty who is not a try

Practitioners sit on the ground, the Abdominal Machine on the back, his hands to grasp the handle of the abdomen to push back and forth at the same time,Abdominal Machine the body extends to the maximum extension, and then back to the original position.

Many office workers do not have time to the gym, but want to exercise muscles at home, out of the dumbbell with the outside, in fact, with their own weight to exercise the exercise is also a lot, today focused on the need for equipment, just use their own weight to carry out Exercise the abdominal muscles.

The following six actions, you can exercise every other day, each time each action to do four groups, each group can not insist on the extent of the teeth, the group between the rest of 60 seconds, and then then do the next group.

If your abdomen has a lot of fat,Abdominal Machine then the abdominal muscles of the line is not easy to come out, because the abdominal muscles are covered with fat, and this time need to subtract abdominal fat. Decreased fat depends on the body of aerobic exercise, the general recommended jogging, running about 5 times a week, each time to continue to run 45 minutes, the speed of 6-8 km / h.