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China Sport Show 2019

Apr 11, 2019

China international sports expo is the only national, international and professional sporting goods exhibition in China. It is the largest and most authoritative sporting goods event in the asia-pacific region. It is a shortcut for global sports brands to enter the Chinese market and an important window for Chinese sports brands to show their strength to the world.On the platform of the sports fair, sports supplies, sports marketing resources, sports culture and science and technology of the comprehensive sports industry, is the sports goods enterprise brand promotion and channel development booster, an important channel to spread new sports culture ideas.

The sports fair was founded in 1933 and hosted by the general administration of sport of China. Through years of cultivation and careful building, it has become the largest comprehensive sports industry exhibition brand in the asia-pacific region. With the reform and opening up, the sports fair has grown from a child to a mature one, from a single sporting goods to a comprehensive sports industry category.

Since 2017, under the general requirements of the reform of the association, the sports fair will be hosted by the China sports goods industry association, under the guidance of the general administration of sport.