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Commercial Exercise Bike

Mar 30, 2017

Commercial cardio cycling durable, with a smooth comfortable exercise experience. Multiple resistance levels and integrated entertainment systems provide for different levels of users with excellent customer service. Exercise bike in the field of sports science is called "power cycling" is divided into vertical, backed by formula (also known as horizontal) exercise bike in two, you can adjust the movement's strength (power), have a health effect, so people called it the exercise bike. Typical of simulating aerobic fitness equipment also known as outdoor cardio equipment. Mainly through the body for a long time, moderate-intensity exercise for cardiovascular exercise, metabolism, strengthens the heart and lungs function, so as to improve the body's Constitution. Exercise bike is a typical simulated outdoor aerobic fitness equipment (relative to the anaerobic fitness equipment), also known as the heart and lungs (cardioviscular) training equipment. Can improve the body's Constitution. Of course with fat consumption, and long time burn the fat weight loss weight loss results will occur.

Seen from the adjustment mode for resistance exercise bike, exercise bike in the market have popularized magnetic exercise bike (also depending on the flywheel structure can be divided into external and internal magnetron magnetron), high order electromagnetic controlled exercise bike, more intelligent green spontaneous exercise bike.